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Jan Toorop (1858-1928) 

Ary from Katwijk aan Zee


Charcoal on paper

24 x 16 cm



In very good condition



Kunsthandel Minderman Apeldoorn 1923, 

Private collection Katwijk, 

Private collection Voorhout 


Jan Toorop, born on December 20, 1858 in Poerworedjo, Java, rose to become one of the most influential Dutch artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His artistic journey took him through various styles—the Hague School, Pointillism, and Symbolism—but it was his connection with Katwijk that had a lasting impact on his work and life.

Toorop moved to the Netherlands at a young age and quickly developed a passion for drawing and painting. His early style was influenced by Realism and Impressionism, but it was his encounter with the artist colony in Katwijk that marked a turning point. In the summer of 1887, Toorop visited this picturesque coastal town for the first time, a meeting place for artists drawn to the rugged beauty of the North Sea. His daughter Charley Toorop, a famous artist who lived in Bergen, also visited Katwijk a lot in search of artistic inspiration.

Katwijk not only provided Toorop with an artistic sanctuary but also inspired a change in his style. He began to develop the distinctive line work that would later become characteristic of his work. The rugged seascapes, the fishermen and their families, and the everyday life along the coast became subjects that he captured with a particular sensitivity.

His most famous works from this period, such as "The Three Brides" and "Zeeland Farm Women," exhibit a combination of Realism and Symbolism. These paintings reflect Toorop's ability not only to capture the outward appearance of his subjects but also to reveal deeper emotions and spiritual layers.

In addition to his painting in Katwijk, Toorop was also involved in the development of the New Art, later known as Art Nouveau. His posters, such as those for Delftsche Slaolie, illustrate his skill in combining decorative elements with symbolic content.

Jan Toorop (1858-1928) - Ary from Katwijk aan Zee, 1902

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