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Herman Heuff (1875-1945)

View of the Grote or St. Bavokerk Haarlem

Oil on panel

36 x 19 cm

Frame: 45,5 x 29 cm



Private Collection, The Hague



Hermanus Davinus Heuff, born on July 9, 1875, in The Hague, was a Dutch artist who worked in the twilight of the Hague School. Initially a painter, Heuff shifted his focus primarily to etchings and drawings from 1907 onwards. He received part of his training at the Haagsche Academy under the renowned artist Floris Arntzenius. He specialized in capturing cityscapes and historical locations in Zeeland, South Holland, and Italy.


In 1932, Heuff lost his eyesight, marking a turning point in his life and artistic career. Despite this, he remained active as an artist and redirected his focus to ceramic sculptures. His perseverance was recognized and rewarded during a benefit exhibition in 1933 through a purchase by Queen Wilhelmina.


Heuff passed away on July 1, 1945, at his residence, named 'De Dorstige Kuil,' in Heemstede. His life bore witness to a continual quest for artistic expression and innovation. Heuff's works can be found in the collection of the Kunstmuseum in The Hague.

Herman Heuff - View of the Grote or St. Bavokerk Haarlem

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