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Siebe Johannesten Cate (1858-1908) 

Starry Night by the Sea (in Southern France) 


Oil on canvas 

Dimensions: 37 x 51 cm 

Frame: 50 x 64 cm 

Provenance: Private collection, Paris


The above work will be included in the upcoming digital catalog raisonné of Siebe ten Cate by the RKD and the Siebe ten Cate Foundation.


Siebe ten Cate (1858-1908) was a Dutch artist known for his impressionistic landscapes and cityscapes. Born in Friesland, Sneek, he studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, among other institutions.


Ten Cate was a globetrotting artist who traveled to Switzerland, France, England, Scandinavia, and North Africa. Early in his career, he journeyed to Paris, where he encountered French artists of his time. There, he formed friendships with Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissarro, and Vincent van Gogh, and shared his studio with Kees van Dongen for several months. He visited Luzern, drawing inspiration from the beautiful nature and lakes, including the Vierwaldstättersee. Hamburg was also one of his favorite destinations.


During his travels, he created many pastels, often using soft pastels on coarse paper to achieve subtle color and light nuances. This technique contributed significantly to the atmospheric quality of his works. A characteristic feature of Ten Cate's style is his impressionistic technique, resulting in a subtle haziness or a kind of aura visible in almost all of his works. He also produced etchings and lithographs.

His journeys had a profound impact on his art, incorporating elements he had observed and experienced, such as architecture and nature. Combined with his distinctive style, this uniqueness and recognizability set his works apart.


Ten Cate was a prolific and successful artist during his lifetime, regularly exhibiting in the Netherlands and abroad, including the prestigious Salons in Paris. Unfortunately, Ten Cate passed away prematurely in 1908 in Paris.


After his death, he was largely forgotten in the Netherlands. However, the situation has changed, and his work is highly sought after by collectors, commanding high prices at auctions. His pieces are part of significant museum collections, including the permanent collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, as well as the Musée Carnavalet and the Louvre in Paris. In 2012, a retrospective exhibition took place at the Fries Scheepvaart Museum. Since 2020, the Siebe ten Cate Foundation has been established, aiming to promote the artist nationally and internationally through art historical research, online publication, and exhibition organization.


Bob Scholte Fine Art possesses several artworks by Siebe ten Cate not yet featured on the website. Please send a message if interested.

Siebe ten Cate - Starry Night by the Sea, 1901

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