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Bob Scholte Fine Art, Kunsthandel Haarlem

Bob Scholte Fine Art: Dutch art dealer


The art trade has been ingrained in me from a young age. One of my earliest memories takes place in an auction house in Haarlem. My mother had set her sights on an antique cushion cabinet we had previously examined during the viewing days, and I was allowed to bid on her behalf by raising my hand. I was immediately captivated and we won the cabinet after a fierce bidding. Shortly thereafter, I knew that I would find my way into the art trade. And the rest is history.

As an art dealer with an academic background in History (BA) and Art History (BA, MA), specializing in Art, Market & Connoisseurship, my focus lies in researching, collecting, and selling artworks from the period 1850-1950. Graduating on the oeuvre of the Hague painter Louis Soonius and the Dutch students of cubist André Lhote, I feel at home in the Dutch art market. My particular interest lies in Dutch Symbolists, Impressionists, Orientalists, significant works by lesser-known artists, talented women and occasionally 17th-century works of art from the Low Countries. I am specialized in the Dutch painter Jan Mankes.

I offer various services: assisting collectors in expanding their collections by locating and acquiring desired artworks, providing guidance in deaccessioning, acting as a mediator in buying and selling, and conducting art-historical research on paintings and drawings. Read here's how I can be of assistance to you.

" There is nothing quite as fulfilling as delving into the history of an artwork, uncovering the layers of meaning and context that contribute to its unique narrative "

As a columnist for Tableau Fine Arts Magazine, I contribute to the regular column "Art Hunt." In each edition, I take the reader on a journey into the life of an art dealer, exploring endeavors such as uncovering forgotten art historical gems, attributing a painting to an old master, or tracing the provenance of an artwork. One such discovery involves the oil painting Femme assise (1929) by the French cubist and theorist André Lhote. This finding has garnered widespread attention in the Dutch media, including De Volkskrant, radio, and the Eva Jinek Talkshow. In the meantime, numerous artworks have been added to this list. For more stories and the latest news, please visit the Blog & News page in the menu.


If you have any inquiries, please feel free to get in touch.

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