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Nola Hatterman (1899-1984)

Original ink drawing for the magazine Soela (1962, no. 3)

Dimensions: 20 x 12 cm

provenance: Nola Hatterman Estate,

Collection Armand Baag

Literature: Depicted in the book Ellen de Vries (ed.), Nola Hatterman, Geen kunst zonder kunnen, Zwolle (Waanders Publishers) page 54.


Nola Hatterman was a Dutch actress, artist and designer. In the 1930s she got in touch with progressive Surinamese in the Netherlands, such as Anton de Kom. In 1953 she settled in Suriname to teach the new generation of Surinamese artists. Hatterman's work focuses on the identieit of Suriname and the Surinamese. She saw art as a weapon in the fight against discrimination and colonialism. She founded The Nola Hatterman Institute, later renamed to The Nola Hatterman Art Academy.

As an artist, Nola Hatterman embodies the shared (post)colonial heritage of Suriname and the Netherlands and forms the pivot between Surinamese and Dutch art history.


Her works were recently purchased by the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and included in the permanent collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Nola Hatterman - Young Man with Clenched Fist

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