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Adri Pieck (1894-1982)

Portret of her cat

Pencil and ink on paper

24 x 32 cm

A sheet from her sketchbooj



Collection Adri Pieck

Collection Kunsthandel René de Clercq Bussum

Collection Eliza de Clercq

Collection Pieter Vis

Collection Vianen



Adri Pieck, a relative of Anton Pieck, was a Dutch artist primarily known for her vibrant and expressive animal portraits and impressionistic depictions of nature. Born in Utrecht, Pieck displayed exceptional drawing and painting talent from a young age. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, laying the foundation for her refined technique and sense of composition. Her early works were characterized by detailed brushstrokes and lively colors that conveyed a sense of playfulness and emotion.


Pieck's most notable works encompass an extensive series of animal portraits, with a particular emphasis on her refined portrayal of cats and dogs. Here, she captures her own dogs, Prins, Wolf, Maggy, Henk & Fikfok, and cats, Wardje, Bunnie, Meneer & Moortje. Her cats appear to dance or play on the paper, with their elegant body language and sharp gazes revealing the individual personalities of the animals. Similarly, her dogs were masterfully captured, with attention to the subtle nuances of their temperament and posture.


Her artworks not only showcase craftsmanship but also demonstrate a profound understanding of animal psychology, lending her works a unique human quality.


Bob Scholte Fine Art owns a collection of drawings by Adri Pieck. If you are interested, please send an email via the contact form.

Adri Pieck - Portret van haar kat

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