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Tableau Fine Arts Magazine

For the physical art magazine Tableau Fine Arts, I write the regular column 'Art Hunt'. In this column, I take the reader along on my adventures in the art world; attributing a work of art; acquiring a special collection. Some of these stories are featured in adapted form on the website, under the heading "stories" in the menu bar. The next column is dedicated to Dutch painter Nola Hatterman in Suriname. For the columns in Tableau, I refer you to the Tableau website.

Nola Hatterman _edited.jpg

For sale: Nola Hatterman, The peoples of Suriname in the shadow of the colonial oppressor, oil on canvas, 120 x 160 cm. Provenance: Exhibition 'Identity' (1984) Paramaribo, Collection Armand Baag, Nola Hatterman Estate.

Jan Mankes, Annie Mankes Zernike druk, prent
Thomas Woodward, Horses in a thunderstorm, approx_edited_edited.jpg
Paul Blanca te koop, zelfportret met pijl_edited.jpg
Anthonie van der Croost __edited.jpg
Jan Schoonhoven, monotype Drie frivole dikken, 1949_edited.jpg
Jan Mankes te koop, olieverfportret van zijn moeder en profile, 1911
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