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Rie Cramer (1887-1977)

Illustration: Oriental Dancer

Watercolor, ink, and gouache on paper

Signed "Rie Cramer" in the bottom left corner

11.9 x 12.4 cm

Frame: 27.2 x 27.2 cm



Private collection Haarlem



Rie Cramer possessed a profound understanding of child psychology, evident in her skills as an illustrator. Her ability to subtly interweave complex emotional nuances into her images made her illustrations a vibrant extension of the stories they accompanied. Her attention to detail, both in the physical features of her characters and in the atmosphere of the surroundings, reflected a deep understanding of the human mind and her ability to create an intimate connection with her readers through her work. Her evolution from a fluid, fairy-tale style to more stylized figures with clear lines testified to her versatility and her ability to adapt to changing artistic trends.


Her illustrations exude an atmosphere of enchantment and refinement, and her capacity to bring to life an entirely unique fantasy world with princesses, fairies, and other mythical creatures made her work beloved by both young and adult readers to this day. Her ability to evoke a sense of warmth, joy, and wonder through her illustrations cements her position, alongside Anton Pieck, as one of the most beloved and influential illustrators of her time.

Rie Cramer - Oriental dancer

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