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Piet van der Hem (1885 – The Hague, 24 April 1961)

Illustration for a book or magazine of a mother with child at the prehistoric caves of Atalaya.

Watercolor and pencil

signed: Bottom right

Caption: 'Atalaya with its original cavemen? H 4'


Image Size: 25 x 20 cm

In good condition. Framed


Piet van der Hem (1885-1961) was a Dutch artist who became known for his illustrations and paintings of Paris. He was born in The Hague and studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.


After his studies, Van der Hem started as an illustrator for various magazines and newspapers. This gave him the opportunity to show his work to a wider audience. His illustrations were often inspired by Dutch nature and everyday life.


Van der Hem also received commissions for book illustrations. He illustrated several children's books, including "Children's Stories from the Bible" and "The Great Children's Book of Stories". These books became very popular and are still for sale at antiquarian bookshops.


In addition to his illustration assignments, Van der Hem also made many watercolors and oil paintings. He regularly exhibited in the Netherlands, Belgium and Paris.

In the 1950s, Van der Hem was appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau for his contribution to Dutch culture. He died in The Hague in 1961, but his work continues to be admired by art lovers to this day. Many of his illustrations and drawings can now be found in museums and private collections, including the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Piet van der Hem - "Atalaya prehistoric rock caves"

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