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Otto Fröhlicher (1840-1890)

Rocky landscape with vegetation (Switzerland)

Oil on paper on canvas

Dimensions: 43 x 61 cm

Frame: 53,5 x 71 cm


Provenance: Asbjorn Lunde collectie, New York


Otto Fröhlicher was a Swiss landscape painter. He studied at the Munich Academy under the guidance of Johann Gottfried Steffan. He furthered his studies in Düsseldorf under the influence of Oswald Achenbach. Upon returning to Munich, he drew inspiration from the work of Adolf Heinrich Liers. Fröhlicher was an important figure in the art scene of Munich. He was chairman of an organization devoted to the interests of Swiss artists residing in Munich and he served as an artist judge for several exhibitions.


Fröhlicher's artworks are now found in the Fine Arts Museums of Bern and Solothurn, the Kunsthaus Zürich, and the Neue Pinakothek in Munich.

Otto Fröhlicher - Rocky landscape with vegetation

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