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Herman Heijenbrock (1871-1948)

Belgian miner

26.5 x 21,5 cm

Lijst: -------

Oil on panel

Signed lower left and dated '14



In very good condition



Private collection



Hermann Heijenbrock was a Dutch artist who drew inspiration from the emerging heavy industry and mining of the early 20th century. His artworks are imbued with a fascination for technological progress and the monumental aspects of industrial landscapes.


Heijenbrock's paintings and drawings capture the raw beauty of industrial scenes, paying close attention to the imposing machinery, billowing chimneys, and the workers laboring in these demanding environments. His use of bold lines, powerful contrasts, and detailed compositions brought the strength and scale of industry to life on canvas.


Through his work, we catch a glimpse of the industrial revolution and its impact on society. Heijenbrock's art reflects not only his admiration for technological advancement but also his recognition of the human effort and life that thrived amidst this bustling industry. His work remains a valuable testament to this historical period.

Herman Heijenbrock - Belgian miner, 1914

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