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Frédéric de Haenen (1853-1928) was a Dutch painter who became known for his illustrations for the French magazine L'Illustration. He lived in Paris, the french countryside and London, where he was an Africa correspondent for The Graphic magazine.

This watercolor is depicted in the L'Illustration of October 26, 1901 and shows a scene from the novel Ma Sœur Zabette. The novel was written by Claude Lemaitre, pseudonym for madame Élise Marie Chigot. De Haenen completed this watercolor on 11 July 1901

Signed: F. de Haenen, July 1901, 18 x 26 cm.
Including the original L'Illustration, containing the reproduction.

In very good condition.

Frédéric de Haenen (1853-1928) - "Ma Soeur Zabette" (1901)

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