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Paul Blanca (1958-2021)

Paul Blanca, born as Paul Vlaswinkel, is a Dutch photographer who became known in the 1980s for his controversial and violent photos. Blanca does not shy away from confrontation, he mutilates himself with razors and arrows, portrays heroin prostitutes in their moment of surrender and deforms bodies with wires. In New York he was accompanied by Robert Mapplethorpe, who called the still young photographer his "only real competitor."   


Despite the averse subjects, Paul Blanca manages to capture the moment in an aesthetic way. His photos make the viewer think about what beauty is.

Paul Blanca te koop, foto zelfportret met pijl_edited.jpg

His later works are more modest. A part of my photo collection by Paul Blanca is for sale. These photographs are all signed (Lambda print/C-print) and A3 format. A documentary about the life of Paul Blanca is currently being worked on. It will be released later this year. A part of my Paul Blanca photo collection is for sale. For more background information regarding the different series, visit

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