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Paul Blanca te koop, zelfportret met Mickey Mouse op zijn rug
Paul Blanca te koop, foto Slagersjongen in New York



"Paul Blanca (1958-2021), born Paul Vlaswinkel, was a Dutch photographer who became famous in the 80s with controversial and violent (self) portraits. In New York, he was accompanied by Robert Mapplethorpe, who called Paul Blanca his only real rival.


Blanca does not shy away from confrontation; he mutilates himself with razors and arrows and portrays heroin prostitutes in their moment of surrender. In Par La Pluie Des Femmes he asks women about their most traumatic memories, while capturing them naked and mostly crying.  

In Deformation he deforms human bodies. Here he makes the viewer think about the relative limits of the human physique by distorting his models with a wire.


Despite the condemnable subjects, Paul Blanca manages to capture these moments in an aesthetic way. His photos makes the viewer think about what beauty is and continue to intrigue."


Read the entire column via  Tableau Magazine .

The collection consists of a large number of signed photos. All in A3 size and printed on high-quality photo paper (Lambda print/C-print).


Only a part of my collection is shown on the website, you can find them here. Would you like to view all the works? Send me a message via the  Contact Form.

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