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17th-century panoramic landscape made by Anthonie Jansz. Van der Croost

Anthonie van der Croos, olieverfschilderij paneeltje, panoramalandschap, ca. 1650. Hollandse oude Meester. Buurman van Jan van Goyen

17th-century paintings are usually unsigned. That makes it difficult to find out who the maker is. When a certain theme or painting style sold well, it was quickly taken over by fellow painters. This makes it difficult to attribute a painting to a specific painter based on style elements. Yet some paintings bear traces of what can be called a 'signature'; typical elements characteristic of one painter. The Hague painter Anthonie Jansz. van der Croost, Jan van Goyen 's neighbor, painted the work. 

More information about the discovery of this painting can be read in an article published by the Dutch Fine Arts Magazine Tableau.


The artwork has been sold. Photo: Han Boersma

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